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10/4/2021 The Dusti Roads Show Episode 5- “Introducing Affinity Ministries Dusti Roads announces her upcoming wedding in 2 weeks, and new features coming up on The Dusti Roads Show. Also Honky Tonk Network Premieres Affinity Ministries Bible Study Series “Understanding The 7 Churches In Asia”.

September 12, 2021: The Dusti Roads Show Episodes 4 through 7 will feature Dusti’s wedding here on the Honky Tonk Network with a SILVER or GOLD subscription.

The Dusti Roads Show – Episode 4- “The Heart of the Matter” – Dusti’s Wedding-Part 1. The Wedding will air free on your local TV station in Florida WRBW My65 Orlando, in South Carolina on WSPA Channel 7, North Carolina WSPA on Channel 7, Youtube, Vimeo and on All online viewers can watch remaining 6 episodes of Dusti’s marriage procession on by subscribing for SILVER Subscription. All wedding announcements will be only on Only SILVER and GOLD subscribers will be able to view the remaining wedding announcements, details and episodes of this grand event.
The wedding or any additional announcements pertaining to the ceremony, groom, dates and times will not be posted on Facebook. Personal invitations from the bride and groom will be sent directly to friends of The Bride and friends of The Bridegroom. Please be our guest for the marriage of Dusti Roads.

From The Dusti Roads Show Episode 4 – “The Heart Of The Matter”
From The Dusti Roads Show Episode 4 ” The Heart of the Matter”. Dusti Sings “Learning To Dance Again” Written By Angela Anderson

From The Dusti Roads Show Episode 4 ” The Heart of the Matter”. Dusti Sings “Learning To Dance Again” Written By Angela Anderson

The Dusti Roads Show

Episode 2 – “Is Your Name Adele

Latest News: September 6, 2021. Welcome subscribers! We are excited that you are here! What’s going on on Honky Tonk Network? We are in the midst of loading lots of new content for free subscribers as well as extended content for our paid subscribers. The paid subscribers will be able to view extended programs on our network including additional content that did not air on your local channel. We welcome you to the Honky Tonk Network family and are excited that you have chosen to grow with us as we bring positive television to your community. On November 1, 2021, we have a special gift coming up for our first 100 subscribers…check your emails for updates, winner announcements, and early broadcast releases!

September 6, 2021: Dusti Roads is getting married!!!!!! Surprise wedding planned for The Dusti Roads Show in Season 1, and the bridal party are all in the video of Climbing Faith Mountain, a song written by 83 year old Betty Jones. Television viewers will be able to watch the wedding in their local area, currently FL, SC, NC. All other viewers will have to subscribe on “Silver Subscription” to be a guest and to see Dusti get married! Everyone’s invited!!! This is the only invitation that will be sent! Please share this post! Climbing Faith Mountain Written By: Betty Jones Performed by: Josh Leonard Publisher: Xcelsius Music (BMI) (c) 2021 Affinity Publishing Group, Inc,. All Rights Reserved #dustiwedding #dustiroads #suprisewedding #wedding #honkytonknetwork #thedustiroadsshow

Watch Dusti rehearse her performance for the taping of The Dusti Roads Show on Honky Tonk Network. Honky Tonk Network releases the opening song for The Dusti Roads Show’s 4th episode “The Heart of the Matter” airing on September 23, 2021 on Fox Channel WRBW, Orlando, FL and will also air at the end of September on CBS WSPA 7 Spartanburg, SC. Learning To Dance Again Performed By: Dusti Roads Written By: Angela Renee Anderson (BMI) Published By: Xcelsius Music (BMI) (C) 2020 Affinity Publishing Group, Inc./ Xcelsius Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved #dustiroads, #dusti, #honkytonknetwork, #affinitypublishinggroupinc, #thedustiroadsshow, #learningtodanceagain

Latest News: August 2, 2021, Orlando, FL: Honky Tonk Network to be on air in 2 more states. The Honky Tonk Network is currently on air in Orlando, FL. On Friday night, August 27, 2021 Honky Tonk Network will launch on CBS affiliate WSPA Channel 7 which covers the upstate area of South Carolina and North Carolina….

Honky Tonk network launched the Episode 1 for Season 1 of The Dusti Roads Show on July 29, 2021. The Honky Tonk Network dug into it’s finest jewels of country songs to launch the network. The first episode titled “Crying For Patsy Cline & Honky Tonk Sound”, promises more to come this season with 10 episodes scheduled to air weekly on WRBW-Channel 65, the My Network TV affiliate for Orlando.

 Affinity Publishing Group, Inc., and  Honky Tonk Network pulled out its arsenal by launching The Dusti Roads Show with Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copus, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Randy Hughes, and country singer Josh Leonard. It feels like 1963 all over again when Dusti Roads performs a heartfelt and memorable tribute to Patsy Cline. The spirit of Patsy Cline can be felt throughout the show and the Honky Tonk sound from Dusti Roads and Josh Leonard makes the Honky Tonk Network live up to its name. 

Affinity Publishing Group, Inc tops it off by digging out some of their best honky tonk songs , “Country ‘Til The End” and “King of Country” both written by Angela Renee Anderson(BMI).  The Dusti Roads Show is a local community variety show that features ordinary people doing extraordinary things while living ordinary lives.

Great Show! Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copus, and Randy Hughes had a safe landing on Honky Tonk Network’s launch of The Dusti Roads Show. The lost year of country music is finally in flight on Honky Tonk Network as Josh Leonard and Dusti Roads have outstanding performances with the naturally true “honky tonk” sound. Dusti Road’s tribute to Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copus, and Randy Hughes bring to life memories of 1963, only this time all four of them are smiling from heaven.


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